Youth Substance Awareness

The Youth Substance Awareness Safety Program (YSASP) provides an alternative to the civil court process for youth who violate Vermont’s underage alcohol or marijuana laws. YSASP helps young people to understand the impact on themselves and others of using substances and to lower their risk of future use, while connecting those identified as using at high-risk levels to professional substance use clinicians. 

Involvement in YSASP can look like:

  • Working with a counselor to understand the impacts of drugs and alcohol on the body, our relationships, and our community 
  • Getting connected to services as needed 
  • Working to avoid a Driver’s License Suspension

More Youth Resources:

NEKCA has a dedicated and passionate youth staff who work hard to support youth and families utilizing strengths-based approaches. If you need support, you can call 1-855-663-5224, check out our Youth Advocacy Services or stop into our Youth Center in St. Johnsbury during business hours. 

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