Crisis Fuel Assistance

Crisis fuel is offered to households that meet income requirements to assist with fuel and utility costs. Case managers work with the families and directly with the fuel and utility vendors. This program runs from the last week in November until Mid-April.  

Supplemental Fuel   

Supplemental fuel is a program that is offered through the state to assist household with fuel costs. We offer application assistance for this program. People can apply all year, but we recommend applying as soon as you can. 

Crisis Fuel

Crisis Fuel is additional fuel assistance offered at NEKCA that runs from the end of November to mid April annually. 


Funding is available on a first come first serve basis to income eligible clients from mid-October through April. These funds are used until they are exhausted to assist with a small monetary amount to help put fuel into the home as well as prevent disconnection that would disrupt heating the home. This program is intended to supplement the seasonal fuel program and the Crisis Fuel program.  

Furnace and Oil Tank Repair/Replace Program

This program is eligible for income eligible households with qualifying heating problems to assist with furnace problems. This program runs in tandem with the Crisis Fuel program. 

To apply for these programs households will meet with a Crisis Fuel worker and complete the application process.  

For Emergency Fuel Assistance After Hours:

If you need fuel assistance on a weekend or Holiday, please call the Crisis Fuel After Hours hotline at 1-866-331-7741 or See Here for more details 

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