Parent Leadership

NEKCA’s parent leadership opportunities provide parents with valuable experience in planning, implementation and decision-making around program services, activities, and organizational development.  Not only do we value having community and parent voice embedded into our leadership circles, but these opportunities also provide excellent additions to parent résumés to boost hiring potential and provide valuable experience to springboard parents to serve on future local school boards or PTOs as advocates within the school system and wider community.

Opportunities for Parent Leadership:

  • Head Start Parent Committee Meetings: Parents come together for Local Parent Committee meetings to talk about their children, Head Start curriculum and activities, community issues, and family issues.  Parents bring to these meetings their knowledge of their own children and the needs of their families, and parents work together to make the Head Start program successful for children and families, to support each other, and to socialize and build community.
  • Head Start Policy Council: Each Local Parent Committee elects one parent delegate and one parent alternate for each program to serve on the Head Start Policy Council.  The Policy Council is similar to a school board or “PTO” for the Head Start program, and Policy Council has a role in the development, review and approval of several specific items including, for example, the hiring of new Head Start staff.  Policy Council is part of the Head Start governance structure that includes the Policy Council, Board of Directors, Executive Director and Head Start Director.

Policy Council Executive Committee Members:

Chair: Leighann Eaton (Gilman Head Start)

Co-Chair: Jamie Hoadley (Barton Head Start)

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Kyle Mead (N. Troy Head Start) 

  • Parent Child Center Parent Advisory Council Both Parent Child Centers are currently developing Parent Advisory Councils that will comprise of parents and caregivers who have participated in Parent Child Center Programming and can weigh in on developing and improving our programs and services that will best meet the needs of families in our communities. If you are interested in joining, please come visit or call your local Parent Child Center. 

More Leadership Opportunities:

NEKCA continually seeks feedback and input from our participants, community, and partners in order to equitably meet the needs of the NEK. We do this through program and annual surveys, regular community needs assessments, hosting and participating in Neighbor Up Nights and other community listening sessions, as well as inviting community members to sit on our Policy councils and Board. We reserve at least three spaces on our Board of Directors for community members and participants to voice their input and share their expertise when making agency decisions.

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