Balanced and Restorative Justice

Balanced and Restorative Justice, (BARJ) provides restorative interventions for youth involvement in the juvenile justice system. When youth are at risk of involvement in the system, BARJ aims to reduce and eliminate their further involvement. For youth already involved in the system, BARJ provides opportunities to decrease their risk factors and strengthen known protective factors. 

BARJ Services Include:

  • Group and individual skill building classes include anger management, emotional regulation, budgeting, and safe sex practices and laws.
  • Assisting youth with successfully completing conditions of their probation and other legal matters.
  • Facilitation and mediation between families and run circle meetings with victims of crime.

More Youth Restorative Justice Resources:

Orleans County Student Engagement Team 

Mission: Based on the principles of restorative practices, the members of this Student Engagement Team acknowledge the critical role of relationships in building community. Therefore, we strive to find the least intrusive and most effective way to address each case of truancy that comes before this panel. In our meetings, we will seek to minimize the intrusiveness of our response by calling upon the organization(s) whose services are best suited to resolve the issues unique to that case. We consider formal legal action (either in Family Court or in the form of fines against parents/guardians) as our last resort and only after all other interventions have proven unsuccessful.


NEKCA has a dedicated and passionate youth staff who work hard to support youth and families utilizing strengths-based approaches. If you need support, you can call 1-855-663-5224, check out our Youth Advocacy Services or stop into our Youth Center in St. Johnsbury during business hours. 

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