Family Support

NEKCA Parent Child Centers in both Newport and St. Johnsbury offer a variety of family education and support classes that focus on family strengths while developing new skills. 

Family Education Programs at NEKCA:

  • Learning Together offers several opportunities to new and expecting parents (youth up to age 24) like our high school completion program. Our focus is on developing parenting, career, and life skills while working with our family educator. 
  • 24/7 Dads is a 12 week program where men work together to become better dads through evidenced-based practices to explore topics like discipline, being involved in education, and co-parenting. 
  • Nurturing Families (Parenting Chat Circle) follows a more informal process for parent support and social connections. Parents share wisdom with one another and explore parenting topics that the group expresses as needs such as social-emotional learning and conscious discipline.  

More Family Resources:

NEKCA’s Parent Child Centers are full of warm and helpful people who want to see your family thrive and concrete resources to support your family’s well-being. From diapers to questions on child development, our staff is available Monday through Friday @ 1-855-663-5224 or in person in St. Johnsbury or Newport. 

Come Visit our Parent Child Centers or give us a call today!

1 (855) 663 -5244

Saint Johnsbury Parent Child Center
115 Lincoln Street
Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri | 8:30am-4pm
Wed | 10am-4pm

Newport Parent Child Center
371 Main Street
Newport, VT 05855

Mon – Fri | 8am – 4pm

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