Early Head Start

Head Start services for children promote school readiness, and include early education, health, nutrition, mental health, and services for children with special needs.

We recognize that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children. We work with parents as partners in helping their children to progress. Head Start offers a wide array of support services to parents and families including education and volunteer opportunities, family literacy activities, and goal identification. In this way, Head Start nurtures the development of the child within the family, and the family within the community

At many of our Head Start locations in the NEK, you will find dedicated Early Childhood professionals who nurture warm relationships and healthy child development with the children and families in each community. While each community is unique, our common values unite our programming across not only our region, but our state and even nationally. 

What you can expect from an Early Head Start Program:  

  • Early Head Start programming is provided in a child’s own home through weekly home visits that support the child’s development and family’s own goals. 

  • Families and their children are invited to a play group where they receive healthy snack and enjoy playing indoors and/or outdoors in a safe environment 

  • Comprehensive, family centered services for families and children, with resources and referrals in the areas of medical, dental/oral health, nutrition, special needs, and community resources.  

Expectant families, and families with children 0-5 may be eligible for Early Head Start if: 

  • The child’s family receives Reach-Up or Supplemental Security Income (SSI); or 

  • The child is in foster care: or 

  • The child’s family is without a permanent home: or 

  • The child’s family meets income eligibility. 

We can serve a limited number of families who do not meet the above eligibility requirements. 

If interested in determining eligibility, please follow the link below. 

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Barton Head Start/Early Head Start
130 Kinsey Rd, Barton, VT 05822

Gilman Head Start/Early Head Start
19 Parish St, Gilman, VT 05904

Hardwick Head Start/Early Head Start
61 Church St, Hardwick VT 05843

Island Pond Head Start/ Early Head Start
34 Cross St, Island Pond, VT 05846

Lyndonville Head Start/Early Head Start
1913 LynBurke Rd, Lyndonville VT 05851

Newport Head Start/ Early Head Start
76 Lakemont Dr, Newport VT 05855

What Participants Have to Say

"Early Head Start staff does a great job supporting my family's culture and my son's bilingualism. "

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