NECKA Parent Child Centers

Board member Katie Martin playing with her children at Play Group

NEKCA operates 2 Parent Child Centers (or PCC’s) in the Northeast Kingdom. One is located in St. Johnsbury and the other is in Newport, but both reach out with services across our region to support families. Our Parent Child Centers are part of a statewide network of support that offers families 8 Core Services which are listed below. The goal of our Parent Child Centers is to be here for all families with education, support, or concrete items where it is needed. 

8 core services of the Parent Child Centers :

Home Visiting: 

  • Home visits are available to families that are expecting or with young children up to the age of 6. This service can include parenting education, child development questions, concrete support (delivery of diapers, food, wipes etc,) and connecting families with outside resources. The frequency and content of visits is determined by family goals and interest.

  • Families can be referred by physicians, daycare providers, other social service agencies or self-refer by calling the PCC.

Family Education Programs: 

  • NEKCA’s Learning Together Program offers parenting classes, opportunities to achieve a high school diploma, workplace readiness and inter-personal skills to pregnant or parenting youth students.  

  • 24/7 Dad is a 12 week course offered to fathers that covers parenting skills and nurtures a supportive environment for dads to connect with each other and reflect on their personal experinces and approaches to parenting. 

  • Our PCCs also provide educational support groups such as art, sewing, reading and cooking which allows community members to establish social connections with others. 

Family Support Groups 

  • Getting together with like-minded parents, guardians or family members is the goal of our family support groups. Dads, grandparents, kinship, new parents with infants under 2-months, or to discuss a specific topic of interest, while having a coffee/juice and a muffin is a great way to build community relationships as a parent.

Concrete Supports: 

  • Through our concrete support, local families have access to a variety of essential items. These supports include but are not limited to diapers, wipes, formula, baby food and clothing.

  • Individuals and families also have access to adult clothing, hygiene products, adult diapers and our food shelves. 

  • Community members inquiring about these services can call NEKCA or stop by our locations to utilize these supports. No referral is needed. 

Community Development: 

  • The PCC plans and hosts public events that are open to all community members that encourage social interaction while promoting Strengthening Families protective factors. Our staff engages in inter-agency events that offer opportunities for collaboration with community partners. 

  • Events and playgroups are open to everyone. Check out our Events Page for upcoming events and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with PCC happenings!


  • Our PCC’s offer twice weekly playgroups for families and children up to the age of 6. These groups are facilitated in a developmentally appropriate environment with social interactions encouraged between peers and families. Families can participate in arts and crafts, dance and music, and a snack at our playgroups.

Information and Referral 

  • PCC staff have a vast knowledge of community resources. If there is something that is needed, we can assist you in seeking out any support that may be helpful.

Early Child Care Education 

  • We work closely with Early Child Care Providers, CIS Early Intervention, and Early Head Start/Head Start to help provide you and your child with the best options for quality childcare in our region.

Come visit our PCCs or give us a call today!

1 (855) 663 -5224

Saint Johnsbury Parent Child Center
115 Lincoln Street
Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

Mon- Fri | 8am-4pm

Newport Parent Child Center
371 Main Street
Newport, VT 05855

Mon – Fri | 8am – 4pm

What Participants Have to Say

"The Parent Child Center has been a huge support for my family and I. I am very thankful for the staff and all that they do. It has been very helpful to get diapers, wipes and food. The staff is amazing and was very helpful to me when I was going through some stressful things in my life."

"The Parent Child Center truly has helped me in times of need in emergencies. And even when there is no emergency, there is always somebody here to help or answer any questions. I'm extremely thankful to have this support "

"I couldn't have come this far without all of the help I received from this community."

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