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Head StartHead Start is a national program providing families and children quality educational opportunities since 1965. Head Start and Early Head Start provide comprehensive, family-centered services for parents and children, with resources and referrals in the areas of health, nutrition, community resources and family support.

A 5 STARS State Accredited
Early Care and Education Program

Head Start


Head Start/Early Head Start 2015 Annual Report is available for viewing in PDF format. 

 NEKCA Child and Family Development Program Mission Statement

CFDP serves families in a mutually respectful, non-judgmental manner for the purpose of promoting individual, family and community growth.  By valuing the uniqueness of all individuals, we support each family’s own power to enrich the quality of their lives.

Who is Eligible for Head Start/Early Head Start?

Early Head Start:

  • Expectant families and children ages birth to three years

For Early Head Start Expectant Family Services, click here.

Head Start:

  • Children during the two years prior to starting Kindergarten (ages three to five years old)
  • Their family receives public assistance benefits (through certain state or federal programs); OR
  • The child is a foster child; OR
  • The family income is within federal poverty guidelines
As many as ten percent of enrolled children may be from families which do not meet any of the above criteria.

Head Start/Early Head Start currently offers four program options for families:

  1. Full day, full year settings: Children attend a classroom setting five days each week, full day/year round.  This allows parents the opportunity to work and/or complete their education.
  2. Part day/Part year center-based settings: Children generally attend a classroom four or five part day sessions each week from September through May.
  3. Early Head Start home-based program: A home visitor goes to the family's home each week working with parents to provide learning experiences for their children.  Infant and toddler playgroups are offered for the community.
  4. Family Child Care Partnership: Local family childcare providers offer Head Start services in the community.  A teacher visits the provider' home three time a month, year round, to partner in providing quality care and early education.  Parents also receive home visits at convenient times.

Head Start/Early Head Start Child and Family Services

Head Start services provide a variety of learning experiences to foster children's intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth.  Services are provided in either center-based or home-based settings.
They include:

  • a comprehensive health program that includes immunizations, medical, dental, mental health, and nutritional services;
  • services for children with special needs;
  • parental involvement training that includes parenting education and leadership development;
  • and social services responsive to families' individual needs.

Head Start/Early Head Start Philosophy

We recognize that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children. We work with parents as partners in helping their children to progress.  Head Start/Early Head Start offers a wide array of support services to parents and families including education and volunteer opportunities, family literacy activities and goal setting.  In this way, Head Start/Early Head Start nurtures the development of the child within the family, and the family within the community.

Contact Information

For more information and/or to arrange to visit a center, contact:

Albany/Irasburg Area 802.755.6811   Hardwick Area 802.472.5496
Barton Area 802.525.6291   Island Pond Area 802.723.6231
Derby Area 802.766.8100   Lyndonville Area 802.626.8616
Partnerships North 802.334.1092   Newport Area 802.334.7253
Partnerships South 802.626.3782   North Troy Area 802.988.2262
Gilman Area 802.892.5997   St. Johnsbury Area 802.748.3201

Or call the Central Office at:
802.525.3362 or 1.800.575.5322

Give Your Child a Head Start